M.Sc. in computer science from University of Paderborn. Since March 2011 I am a Ph.D. student of Prof. Dr. Martin Ziegler at the mathematics department at Darmstadt University of Technology.

Short note about this domain’s name

caero arose from a simple reshuffling of my name (Carsten Roesnick) as an attempt to find a short, sufficiently memorable, and persistent online identity. Voilá, caero. :)

Pronounciation is a bit tricky since it is a made-up word. However, I suggest to pronounce it /kærəʊ/ (with c as in canada plus aero). For german speakers, this pronounciation might sound odd. If you are amongst them, try to pronounce each letter individually, i.e., ka-e-ro. If you have different suggestions or even pronounciations for further languages, feel free to send me an email.


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